With the Help of Our Gods

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With the Help of Our Gods:¬†With the Help of Our Gods is a story of how we conceived and named our child in the ‘heathen’ naming ceremony ūüôā The story talks about our struggle with conception and how we used ‘faith’ in our gods in order to get through a difficult time in our lives. Includes a full naming ceremony that provides an in-depth look at the in’s and out’s of the ritual itself.¬†

Excerpt:¬†In many religions the word faith is perhaps more concretely understood, faith is¬†something that is for them a given aspect of what they practice, however for¬†those practicing paganism and heathenism the word faith is a bit more complex¬†than that…..It was our faith that kept us sane during the process of conception and birth,¬†and it was through faith that we learned that the power of our gods is not a mere¬†legend but is in actual fact something that exists and is constant in the lives of those¬†devoted to them.¬†

Featured at: An Independent Asatru & Penton Independent Pagan Magazine