A Collection of Essays

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A Collection of Essays: Created by Larisa Hunter formerly known as Mist for Kenaz Kindred, all materials included have be written by Larisa Hunter and where possible a citation has been made when referencing other material. These articles were written at various times throughout my heathen life, they may or may not reflect my current line of thought and I encourage people to adapt them to whatever current information they feel is relevant. It should also be noted that some of this was written when still in support of certain organizations to which we no longer support. No one should judge Kenaz Kindred based on these lectures. A lot of what we presented was at pagan pride days and University clubs and therefore was written with the most ‘basic’ overview in mind. Obviously there is a lot more to heathenry than these things! I just hope that people can make use of some of the notes in here to provide them with some insights and materials