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The Hub is a publicly accessible document and guidebook portal for visitors and staff. The documents located here are for public use and are allowed to be shared via creative commons as long as they are never modified, altered, edited or used in any illegal manner. Our logos must remain on these documents in order to comply with our sharing policy.

Standard Contracts

A copy of all of our standard contracts so that you can see what we ask for, what we include and what guides we follow. We want to make all of our documents transparent, so that you feel confident in signing with us.

Free Downloads

Access to all of our open content at Internet Archive, free downloads and more. This section is open to the public and is all free to download, share and use in research. Please be kind and keep our logo in tact, no content is authorized for commercial use, if you are not sure what limitations are on a document, see our Common Domain and Fair Use policies here.