The Ivy Part 4

WARNING: The series below may contain images and subject matter that might be disturbing to some readers. [18+]

We hold no legal ramifications or liability, nor does anyone at Black Cat Editing or The Real Saga Press. The series you will be reading does not depict any real events past or present, nor real people. It is a work of fiction.

The sheets were wet and cold, and the smell of cologne and sweat dripped from our bodies as they twisted in the sheets. The feeling that I was falling and floating all hit me like a ton of bricks. I wanted to consume him, devour him…I was giving myself to him over and over. There was something else in the room……but what it was now…. I don’t know…. what is that? What is that in my hand…. what is that feeling, I am rocking and swaying and so cold…so cold. I hear him call me…. “Ivy, Ivy, I love you…. come to me darling…. come”. I feel him around me, and in that hour of my longing and needing that can’t be satisfied. How did it come to this, these sheets…the cold….my toe….and yet I keep feeling myself back in his arms, he holds me and cradles me against his chest. His heart beats so rapidly, and he smells so good…but something isn’t right is it…. something is wrong….so wrong…I just don’t.

Around the apartment the mood was still, it was calm and quiet, the iPod pumping out the same old song, what was it about that song? He always listened to it…. especially when he came back from his trips away. I never knew where he went, and honestly never asked. I had surrendered myself to Troy fully, I would never disobey him nor flout him in any way, I belonged to him, heart and soul. The apartment was never the same without him there, it was like a dead zone, empty and sad. I would remain ready for him coming home, never going into the room he told me to avoid, never asking questions…..maybe I should have….maybe I will…..

But, then there is his eyes, his eyes are deep pools that make me lose whatever inhibitions I had, if I ever had any…Maybe the true Ivy is the one that lives for him, that holds him and is with him, but there it is…that toe again…why can’t I scratch it…what’s wrong