The Ivy Part 3

WARNING: The series below may contain images and subject matter that might be disturbing to some readers. [18+]

We hold no legal ramifications or liability, nor does anyone at Black Cat Editing or The Real Saga Press. The series you will be reading does not depict any real events past or present, nor real people. It is a work of fiction.

I can’t describe how that smile felt, I should have detected then what I know now, but how can you. How can you know……and that was it, it was the beginning of a relationship that would transform me. I can’t describe how much our love was like a run-away freight train. It was a quick transition from dating to living together to full on committed living together happened. It seemed like the days just bled one to the next with little break between. If only I could itch that toe though…. that hasn’t changed, the itch is still there, but now it’s more burning, more intense and I can’t tell you how much it’s still so cold…. I wonder if I am dreaming, if this is all just not happening…. I think back to the sheets. The sheets of our bed so hot from his body, enveloping me like warm water, he smells good, he tastes good. His smile draws me in, sometimes bearing his beautiful teeth in a playful way to say, I might devour you my love…and how much I want that to be true. Devour me, consume me…I am yours……

The flashes of his face seem to almost fade for me now, but I am recalling something, something on my hands…what is it, I cannot see it…. help me…. its so cold…so cold…and that toe…just keeps itching.