A Review of Glenn Bergen’s Works by Larisa Hunter

My life sometimes gets really crazy!! But I wanted to post this here because well Glenn is my dear friend and someone I respect!! I don’t respect a lot of people but Glenn…well he deserves it. I am actually excited to gift him a copy of Embracing Heathenry because I am pretty sure he does not suspect what I am about to say about him…but he earned it!! Anyway, many of you may not know that Glenn writes fiction! I knew he wrote stories of the gods but not just about ‘heathen’ subject matter until he let me read his ‘short story’ turned novella. I have to say this and this is only from me reading part of it:

It is both haunting and beautiful. It makes me wish that more of us could honor life this way, feel this way when one becomes heathen and could embrace change. I look forward to more chapters..

I highly recommend this novella and frankly the book is amazing, beautiful and I would love to see it put together in print!! There is potential here for it to be a great work of fiction but also speaks to the ‘truth’ of things, the struggles we all face, the issues that many of us feel, see, have fought against. Glenn Bergen does an amazing job in telling it like it is through characters that remind me of so many heathens that I have had the fortune to meet!!

Glenn you are amazing!! Keep it up!!!

For all of Glenn’s fiction go here: http://www.anindependentasatru.com/fiction.html