Passion & Partnerships


As I wander around the place, I find some simple reminders of the world that I have entered. For 5 years, working toward increasing our press has been a focus, but now as I shlep up and down the stairs one or two more times, I pass by this bench and the thoughts swirl around to the one simple truth, this bench says, “Come sit here, and tell me your story”.


As I sit in this amazing hall of knowledge, it dawns on me, what we have become. We have formed in our own way a community that was focused on one ‘ideal’ and here there was that seed, grown to find others who also held the same the ideals. The vision these folks have is one that is instantly contagious. They all seem to love what they do, and love the things they represent. The ideas shared were ones that just held a huge amount of personal meaning to me. 


The driving force of the people that are here is one word commitment. Commitment to a world that has no boundaries, a commitment to a world that is free of restriction, of limits, of no barriers. This is inclusion in action. I find myself feeling an ignited drive to figure out how I can bottle this inspiration and take it with me in my own pursuits.


Seeing and hearing the amount of ideas shared by these peers was perhaps for me the greatest gift of the day. The thoughts shared by those of us to create content, get content, preserve content, protect content and how we all want to provide the stories that span decades of time and tide to you.

My Thoughts

I really can’t say how much I took from this day. The positive inspiring speeches, the pure driving passion, combined with people who were charming, open and inclusive was more than I ever thought possible! I cannot thank Internet Archive enough for inviting us and for Chris Freeland for his warm and welcoming nature. His acceptance and embrace of this small house makes us feel like we are part of a bigger thing, and this makes us believe in the mission that Internet Archive is working for.

What Does It Mean?

If your confused about what this post is about, I will try to clarify. Saga Press was on the hunt for a lost manuscript, we found it in Internet Archive. This one find led us to Chris Freeland the Director of Open Libraries who invited us to come to the Open Libraries Forum. We did! That led to us being brought into the fold of 19 partners that have promised to commit to the creation of connected content. It is through us that we will find the path forward, and create the world library of knowledge, open and accessible to all!

What this means going forward?

It means that Saga Press & Little Bird Books will be adding a LENDING program to ALL titles as well as a selection of FREE titles that will be added to the Open Libraries portal at Internet Archive.

Getting access simply requires a sign up. Internet Archive does not store your info, and once signed in, simply navigate over to our main COLLECTION. When you see a title that you want to check out, simply click on LOAN or WAITLIST (if the loan is not yet available. You can check out a title for up to 14 days. The title can be read on any browser or from their app [APPLE or ANDROID] which you can add and read on the go!

Internet Archive will also host all of our free content in the Open Libraries collection. We will be posting a new section on both websites in order to facilitate the new hub. You will still be able to buy our books on Amazon, but this new hub provides a way for readers to access a library copy! In a way, this is bringing our stories to the world, making us a string in the thread of a tapestry that is bigger than us. We are all part of the ever changing world, and with Internet Archive we expand our circle to encapsulate one that is bigger, broader and includes those who also see that STORIES MATTER!

In order to fund our free content we are going to be looking for patrons. Patrons will be needed in order to provide content all over the globe! As we grow, we will be adding multiple prongs to our site.