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During her time with Kenaz Kindred she lectured at numerous Canadian heathen and pagan festivals, written articles for several books, and recently published her first book, “Fulltrui: Patrons in Asatru” (Megalithica Books, Immanion Press). In 2011, she opened Frigga’s Loom, a business named in honor of her patron goddess where she creates custom made harrow cloths which later grew to become With Needle & Thread a business that helps supplement and pay for the cost of publishing books. 

She was the publicity rep for Immanion Press from 2011-2012 at which time she became press secretary, where she is responsible for creating newsletters and other documentation. In the same year (2012) she relinquished the name Mist and is now known by her given name Larisa Hunter (alternatively Larisa/Mist may appear). This decision was due to the fact that her life became so public that using a pen/spiritual name seemed unimportant. At the end of 2012 she published Embracing Heathenry and made the decision to leave Immanion Press. This decision was not made lightly. Future publications by Larisa will be self published.

In 2013, Larisa moved with her husband and daughter to California. Here she has continued her mission to publish heathen books and has expanded the press to also publish coloring books and children’s books. She spends her days being a busy wife and mother and is still writing and publishing books.

Some of her other writings include:

Selections in Pagan Poems (Crow Eagle Press, 2006) “Being A Warrior Woman”, Talking About the Elephant – Anthology of Neopagan Perspectives on Cultural Appropriation by Lupa (Megalithica Books) [2008], Self- Published: “The Heathen Shaman” [2012] and “Working With Undesirables” (Previously Published as “Giants, Not The Enemy” [2011] “With the Help of our Gods [2012]” (available online). A large number of poems at: (Larisa Hunter)Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys

She has been interviewed and featured in: Hex Magazine (Spring & Summer 2011: Issue 8) “A Dream or Vision that Changed My life: Finding Frigga in My Dreams”, Living Traditions Magazine: (Volume 4, No. 3, Issue: Spirituality, Esotericism and Tradition) “The Patron Experience”, Huginn (V1, I2. Midsummer 2011 interview with Maris Pai and review), Eternal Haunted Summer: (Spring Equinox 2012-interview with Rebecca Buchanan) (Yule Edition 2012-Sifting Asatru by Larisa Hunter) (Summer Solstice 2012-Frigga and the Gingerbread Village by Larisa Hunter), Action Newsletter: Beltane 2011 interview with Christopher Blackwell, Mabon 2012- We Demand the Right to Marry-interview with Christopher Blackwell, Yule 2012- interview and review with Christopher Blackwell, Open Book Ontario’s At the Desk Column: “At The Desk, Larisa Hunter” (March 15th, 2012),  Penton Independent Pagan Magazine: Knock, Knock Anyone Home, With the Help of our gods. The Guelph Mercury: Dispelling the mystery and the myths, Paganism no different than other faiths — on most fronts by FIONA ISAACSON GUELPH (Aug 12, 2006), Listowel Banner (2011), Gifts of Wyrd Podcast (2018)

Executive Co-Ordinator

Born in Montreal, Quebec and now residing in Northern Ontario. A practicing eclectic, solitary Druidic Shaman with Unitarian Universalists ties. Graphics designer author of the Indie published book THESE CHAINS. Owner and operator of Álainn E-Pub. Deejay and co-owner of the local entertainment business Mobile Sounds. Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother…Woman.

Sheal is the official cover maker and has just been made the chief assistant for Larisa Hunter. She is the artist for almost all of our book covers, completes interior editing and also supplies copy editing support and advice for our standard line of books. She is an amazing and talented mom and artist who I am proud to have at our company.

Creative Director

Creative Director for Little Bird Books, Sarah has proven herself as an exemplary editor, and writer. She has been a member of many writing organizations and has several years of experience with writing dialogue and children’s literature.


Freelance Illustrator

Born in Leesport, Pennsylvania, Amanda Lee Watkins is an artist and an illustrator currently living in Island Heights, New Jersey. She attended school at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and received her BA in Art History in 2014.

As well as an illustrator, Amanda is a fibers artist. She curated a show titled “Resurrecting Rust” at PhilaMOCA where her weavings and experimental fiber work were exhibited, along with another exhibition where her illustrations were created into an installation piece. Amanda has illustrated various album artworks, promotional posters, conceptual designs, and various freelance handwriting projects.

Freelance Illustrator

Is an Artist & Illustrator from the UK. A proud Pagan of 14 years, most of her artwork centers around deities, totem animals and nature. Laura is also an aspiring writer. Her writing and illustrations have been featured in magazines and books.

-Currently on leave-

Illustrator [The Story of Arbux]

A native of Colorado, currently living in Idaho Springs.  Caroline earned her BA and MA from the University of Northern Colorado and also studied at the University of Oslo, Norway and Pratt Institute in New York City.  Jensen taught art for several years, later developing a full art program for the local elementary school before establishing her own fine art career.  Along with watercolor painting and stained glass design and execution, she does pen and ink works as her grandmother did, usually as illustrations.  C. K. Jensen and K. Fritz have also collaborated on several other projects.

Freelance Illustrator

An Artist and Illustrator in the American Midwest. Melisa specializes in digital vector illustration and mixed media oil painting. Her work has been published in print and digital media. She is currently working on illustrations for several titles at Saga Press.

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Freelance Editor

I was born in Montreal in the early 50s, and although I still consider that city my home, I have adopted Wellington County in Southern Ontario in its stead. From an early age, I was aware of the transcendental mysteries of the natural world, and practiced a blurry kind of nameless paganism which eventually shaped my personal philosophy, especially with regard to animal welfare. I have a BA in 20th Century American Literature from McGill University.

I worked at York University in Toronto for many years, as a Psychology Department librarian, and later in the Centre for the Support of Teaching, which assists faculty and graduate students to teach ‘creatively’. Presently, I am semi-retired, and actively engaged in volunteer work with several animal rescues. I enjoy watercolor painting and spiritual connection in the woods and fields which surround me, and  write daily affirmations for whoever, or whatever, chooses to look over my shoulder to read them.

Senior Editor

Samantha (Sam) earned a B.A. in anthropology and is enjoying every minute of learning about Nordic Spirituality. Though editing has been a hobby of hers for many years, this is Sam’s first venture into the world of publishing.

Part-Time Freelance Editor

Taryn is a Colorado native raised in Upstate New York. She currently resides in Colorado, where she studies as a double major in media and creative writing. Taryn attends the University of Denver and will pursue part of her education at Lund University in Sweden. Her interests and passions include film, theatre, music, cooking, writing, photography, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

You can check out her other writing at: