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Passion & Partnerships

Reflection As I wander around the place, I find some simple reminders of the world that I have entered. For 5 years, working toward increasing our press has been a focus, but now as I shlep up and down the Read more…

Fictional Dialogue and Quotation Marks

What’s appropriate and what’s not? Well, generally, there are three ways to quote long fictional dialogue that spans numerous pages. The first way is to use open and closed quotations on each paragraph with no indentation. For example: “This is Read more…

Exciting Acquisition Notice

We have just been informed that we have been granted permission to reprint Teutonic Magic as well as some fiction from S. Grundy and M.Grundy. Stay tuned to find out what titles we have acquired, as we are working diligently Read more…

Pulled Title Notice: Cycles of Norse Mythology

We regret to inform our fans and readers that Cycles of Norse Mythology has been pulled from our line up. We are dedicated to publishing books that contain amazing art and typography, and it is something we are proud of. The Read more…

The Worlds According to Loki

The Incredible Story of Arbux

The Story Of Arbux written by new author K.Fritz is an adventurous retelling of tales from her grandfather. Reminiscent of the movie Big Fish, this story is woven between truth and perhaps embellishments in a fantastical adventure for the mind Read more…

Departures & Pulled Titles

The following are no longer with Saga Press: Samantha Barrett-Illustrator Sophie Winter Roger Stemler Breeze Navarro The Following Titles are Pulled: The Childrens Havamal RavensFeathers Norse Gods Coloring Book Fenris, The Wolf and the White Lady  

Additional Social Accounts

Saga Press is now expanding its online presence. We are now on: Tumblr:  and Instagram:

Pint-Sized Tales

Welcome to Morufell

This is the big announcement we have been dying to share with you all. I cannot wait to show all of you what we at Saga Press believe is the biggest thing we have ever been involved with. This amazing Read more…