Hex Magazine Issue 8! Very Excited!!

So excited! I just checked out HEX magazines site to see if I was there yet…and here I am! I am very proud to appear in this issue, I think mine is slowing travelling towards my mail box right now, and I cannot wait to read the final version! I hope some of you will buy a copy: http://hexmagazine.com/subscribe/

Link to the Contributors Page: http://hexmagazine.com/hex-folk/contributors/

MistMist: Issue 8: A Dream or Vision that Changed My Life Story: Finding Frigga in my Dreams

Larisa Hunter aka Mist, Gyðja of Kenaz Kindred, has been practicing Ásatrú for over nine years. After dedicating herself to the path, she created a kindred of her own: incorporating both spiritual experiences and historical practices into her teaching programs. Her rituals created a unique form of Heathenry that allows for deep and meaningful connection with the gods. Mist lectures at many Heathen and Pagan festivals in Canada. She is currently being published by Immanion Press Press and has written for several other books, websites, magazines and blogs. Most of her day is spent writing and caring for her toddler and running Kenaz Kindred: www.kenaz.ca.