From his humble beginnings, Gundarsson would make his mark on the world by writing on the most rare and obscure myths breathing new life into them, for a new generation of readers. His fictional works written under Stephan Grundy focused on mythology and history and were met with international success. Along with his fictional works, Gundarsson made a name for himself writing books on Germanic Paganism (also known as heathenry) and Germanic Culture. He is an Elder in the organization The Troth where he has dedicated a majority of his life influencing major changes in the organization, including the development of anti-racist and anti-sexist ideals.

He has fought for equality in transgendered communities, as well as fighting for the acceptance of Loki. Gundarsson has shaped heathenry through his numerous academic and fictional works as well as his extensive articles, thesis papers and his creation and sustainment of the lore program within The Troth. His hobbies included wood-working, jewelry making and gardening as well as historical re-enactment. He is currently attending medical school in Ireland supported by his loving wife Melodi where they maintain a local hof called The Tribe of Thor.


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Melodi Lammond-Grundy grew up in California and went to college at the University of Southern Mississippi. She spent some years in Colorado, then moved to San Francisco, where she was, for a time, a member of the well-known household and writers’ community (including such notables as Diana Paxson and Marion Zimmer-Bradley) Greyhaven. She has been in the pagan/heathen community since the 1990’s and has degrees in both history and anthropology. In her spiritual life she has studied Spa Conna (a type of heathen divination) which she learned from Diana Paxson. She still practices divination and psychic readings to this day, lending herself to speak about current events. Her writing skills were first shown in several online publications than in a co-written trilogy with Stephan Grundy called the Falcon Dream Trilogy. She joins Saga Press not only to reprint previously published works but to find a home for many titles that never made it into print.

I’ve loved writing since I was thirteen years old. I followed my passion with fanfiction first, then short stories before actively working toward a career in it around 22.

I don’t have a particularly favorite genre to write in, often I just follow whatever catches my fancy at the time. Though as a history lover, histotical fiction always holds a special appeal to me. Alexander the great, Alaric King of the Visigoths, and Viriathus of Hispania are some of my favorite historical figures and one day I hope to write books about each, though for now a short story on Alaric with have to suffice.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my stories, and always feel free to tell me what you think. Feedback is always great! 🙂

Lesley Sussman is an award-winning journalist  who lives and works in New York City.  He is the author of more than 20 non-fiction books and three novels.   In his long-time career as a professional journalist, he took sabbaticals to work as a Deputy Sheriff in Chicago and a carnie down South where he and his late friend, Sally Bordwell, a Chicago-based photographer and author, spent a year in the 1960’s working with various freakish sideshow attractions .

Their photographs and text about carnival life are now part of the Smithsonian Institution’s permanent collection.  The experience of carnival life in the Louisiana bayous is the inspiration for this novel.

Glenn never intended to become an author. However, the gods just would not leave him alone. In 2009, he traveled to Iceland, where the gods followed and it became clear to him that his life was about to change. Twenty-two stories and 152 poems later, his fellow heathens began to ask him when he would publish. It was not until a fellow heathen author offered to help him get his works in print, that Skaldic Tales was born. (Glenn also writes under the name Ravenheart)

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Originally from Idaho Springs, Colorado, Karoline grew up in a valley full of Victorian mining history and keen environmental awareness. Never the star student in school, Karoline loved the drama department and creative writing classes.  Foreign language studies came next, and she became enchanted with German, French, and her father’s first language: Norwegian. Karoline quickly started to get acquainted with whatever additional languages she could.

Highschool provided solid introductions to the basics of Japanese, Latin, American Sign Language, and a handful of others. Foreign language studies opened new doors of imagination and creative writing. Eventually Karoline began to take her whimsical mind more seriously. In college it became clear that her strengths would never be in math or science, but in foreign languages and story-making. By that point, fascination with mythology and the world’s religions was at a crescendo.

Karoline graduated college with a minor in Eastern Religions and a Double Major in German and French. My husband and I are eager travelers now, and he’s my guiding star who supports my whimsy-filled brain as well the stories that spill forth from it.

Author of: The Story of Arbux

A writer with a very varied background. Eldest son, and third child in a family  of eight children. He was born in far North Queensland, Australia, in the historical gold-mining town of  Charters Towers. As a child he traveled extensively across Australia, having three sisters born in its  western most state, and the remainder born up and down his home state of Queensland. In fact he attended over 24 schools in his childhood, and crossed the country from east coast to west  and back, so many times as a child he gave up counting. As an adult he worked in the mining industry,  the Public Service and in Private Enterprise.

He refuses to admit to any Tertiary Education, but is a  qualified Nursery Industry worker, with over twenty years behind him. Warwick is proud to make it  clear to both his readers and his critics, that he follows the old Scandinavian Pre-Christian beliefs,  happily referring to his chosen faith as ‘Fjorn Sid’ or the ‘Old Path’ and having found his teachers and  mentors as a sixteen year old, Warwick has never looked back. Over many years, Warwick has also been an avid Dark-Age and Medieval Re-enactor. Loving both the  period we now call the ‘Viking Period’ and the High Medieval period of the Fourteenth Century. Having a  particular love of Denmark, her king of the period Valdemar IV Attadage, his children, and the people,  faiths and history of both Lithuania, and Norway. Warwick currently works within the pro-environmental industry, in his home community of Caboolture, Queensland Australia. His life is guided by his faith, and his great loves, his friends,and his love of Honey Mead.

A mead he makes according to his secret recipe. Now using his love of language, history and his faith, Warwick has taken to a ‘Sea Change’ in his career path, and has written several novels. All reflect his love of history, his faith, and a desire to entertain his readers in manner that may shock many. Believing history is now bound by the Omni presence of the Victorian, Judo-Christian values, it is his desire, no his wish to bring a more honest, more brutal reality to the reader.

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In the 60’s Prudence Priest was a proud card-carrying member of W.I.T.C.H. [Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell – we tried to cast a circle around the Pentagon during the Vietnam War.] She has been high priestess of Amaranth Energies [a Greco-Norse coven] since 1971, CEO of Freya’s Folk, and the California Utlandr Alliance, current board member of the American Vinland Association, Ambassadress of Romuva in the USA, Member of the European Congress of Ethnic Religions, Elder in the Covenant of the Goddess and The Ring of Troth, Soror Glynda & priestess in the OTO and translator of “Demonographia”, member of the Rune Gild, Fellowship of Isis, and Circle of Ancient Sisters. She has been an activist for Heathen and Feminist causes for over fifty years.

Prudence currently lives in and runs Perchtenhof (= home of the followers of the Bright Goddess) in Antioch, CA.

Visit her blog for photos and travelogues at

Book In Progress: The Worlds According to Loki (given for reprint)

Prudence was the original publisher of The Worlds According to Loki