Welcome to Saga Press & Little Bird Books the place where stories matter. Our press is small, but it is within these doors that authors find themselves taken care of  like VIP’s. We have expanded our line to create not only spiritual books but also children’s books, coloring books, books of a variety of categories to delight, entrance and entertain. Our company has two divisions.


Saga Press specializes in adult titles for readers 13 and up. This division publishes all of our: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, sci-fi, horror, historical fiction, coloring books, games and more.

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Little Bird Books specializes in children’s literature. This division publishes books designed for readers under 16 or children at heart. 

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Our dedicated staff appreciate the dedication it takes to write, and we know how frustrating it is finding a quality publishing house that cares about its books, its authors and staff. Saga Press/Little Bird Books is a house built by people who love to read, and all of them want to see your work out there.

We specialize in small market books. This means our titles are not ones you would find elsewhere or ones that just don’t fit at the big houses. Our books are written by authors who capture the imagination, foster pure spirituality, delve into worlds of fantasy or inspire us with poems. We are all from different backgrounds but all joined in a common mission to keep books alive for future generations. We have a variety of different services that we offer, to see a full and complete list of what we do, see Services Offered and our Royalties list.

We are not a vanity press or a self publishing service, we offer full book publishing and printing as well as products that match our books. We welcome all who come here to discover what Saga Press/Little Bird Books does and to give our press the honor of taking your book to print. If you require further info, please reach out to us via our Contact Us form. To view our entire line, visit our Catalogue page.