Third Party Services

We understand that sometimes our publishing house might not fit you as an author or that you might just be on the hunt for support services in order to build your own brand. Saga Press is committed to not only publishing but in supporting the needs of all who might need a little bit of help here and there. These services are provided via our freelance network and can be hired by anyone who wishes to make use of a single or multiple service without contracting Saga Press or Little Bird Books.

Freelancers listed below have provided all of their own pricing for every service as well as outside contact information to help you decide who might be best suited for your project.


Sheal Berube

Services Offered

copy editing, document implementation, publishing and project management

Disclaimer: the services listed on this page are seperate from Saga Press. Saga Press allows for freelancers to post independent services for authors who might not fit or who don’t want to use our publishing service. If you are looking for simple editing, technical writing or other services, the folks listed here can help. Saga Press does not endorse any service listed here, and is not responsible for paying out services engaged in between authors and freelancers. Work done via freelancers are not published under the Saga Press or Little Bird Books brand or line.